ORIGIN Inspection Software

ORIGIN Inspection was developed specifically for the high quality standards demanded by the modern dental lab.



 • Quickly troubleshoot improper seating

 • Quality Control what is coming out of your milling machine

 • Guarantee any outsourcing you provide

 • Optimized for Dental

 • Origin inspection was designed to measure the complex geometry involved with dental restorations.

 • Ease of use

 • With intuitive work flow, Origin Inspection will add speed and accuracy to your quality control process.


ORIGIN Insection Software+0.100+0.078+0.056+0.033+0.011-0.011-0.033-0.056-0.078-0.100ORIGIN Insection SoftwareORIGIN Insection SoftwareORIGIN Insection SoftwareORIGIN Insection Software


ORIGIN HD tooth libraries have been optimized for your high definition restorative crowns. With crisp well defined ridges and fissures you will be able to take full advantage of the latest advances in rapid prototyping. While adding beauty the anatomically correct morphology will also save a significant amount of time with your CAD designing.


 •  Available for 3shape and the Origin Intelligence

 • Specify designed to take advantage of .3mm milling burrs

 • Specify designed for the latest generation of 3D printers


ORIGIN HD Tooth LibrariesORIGIN HD Tooth LibrariesORIGIN HD Tooth LibrariesORIGIN HD Tooth LibrariesORIGIN HD Tooth Libraries

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