Fast Zirconia, High Capacity


• Increases zirconia production speeds & decreases production costs

• Cost savings and environmental friendliness

• Compact, requiring less equipment space

• Consistent zirconia color

• Eliminate contamination build up

ORIGIN DuoTron Pro Fast Zirconia Sintering

Heating Elements


MoSi2 (Molybdenum Disilicide).


Controlled Temperature Release


The sintering platform is released once the chamber is cooled to a pre-set temperature. This feature ensures that the sintered zirconia is cooled in a controlled manner and is not subject to sudden temperature changes during cooling. The pre-set platform release can be adjusted to specific laboratory needs.


Sintering Tray Cover


The use of the alumina sintering tray cover is a primary factor for preventing occasional zirconia discoloring that may otherwise occur due to the heating elements.


Maximum 3 Trays


Each round 95 mm diameter tray can hold an average of 25 single units. A maximum of 3 trays can be stacked up during one cycle time. The bottom support tray elevates the sintering trays to provide even heat and should have no zirconia units placed inside it.


Create Your Own Custom Graph in Addition to the Pre-set Parameters

Simply enter the temperature setting of your preferred zirconia brand, and the DuoTron Pro will create your graph automatically. You can make the heat up and cooling time shorter or longer depending on the nature of the case.


Multiple Modes, Multiple Speeds


Quick Mode: Single copings or small bridges (3 to 4 unit bridges)


Regular Mode: Large bridge cases or 4 unit bridge cases with large pontics (4  - 7 hours)


Full Contour Mode: Full contour zirconia sintering at an increased temperature.


Custom Mode: Build your own sintering cycle to fulfill all your zirconia needs (LAVA, Cercon, Prismatic, etc)


Technical Information


• Maximum Working Temp: 1,600˚ C (2,912 ˚F)

• Size (Outside) : 72 cm (H) X 30 cm (W) X 46 cm (D)

(28.4' (H) X 11.8 ' (W) X 18.1' (D))

• Weight: 45 kg (99 Lbs)

• Oven power: 2kW

• Electricity Power: 220 Volts

• Max. Current: 30 Amps

• Fuse: 30 Amps

• Frequency: 60 Hz

• Capacity: Max 60 copings per cycle time (average 25 copings (single crowns) X 3 trays)

• Outer diameter of the sintering tray: 95 mm. (inner diameter: 84mm)

• Furnace chamber insulated with high-purity fiber insulation

• Table top construction

• Fully programmable & Capable of creating custom cycles for different material needs

• High-tech touch pad screen

• Free software upgrades through USB port

• 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Fast Zirconia, Small Footprint


Compact Design: 60 lbs /

14.8"(W) x 13.4"(D) x 14.5"(H)

• Interior Chamber: 4.4"(W/D) x 2.4"(H)

• 1 Tray per Cycle (25 Units per Tray)

Mosi2 Heating Element

Programmable Schedules

• Fully Programmable & Capable of Creating

Custom Cycles for Different Material Needs

• 10 Customizable Program Options

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