Quick Mode:

Single Copings or Small Bridges (3 to 4 Unit Bridges)


■ Regular Mode:

Large Bridge Cases or 4 Unit Bridge Cases with

Large Pontics


■ Full Contour Mode:

Full Contour Zirconia Sintering at an

Increased Temperature


■ Custom Mode:

Create Your Own Sintering Cycles to Fulfill All Your Zirconia Needs


AccuSinter has been designed and programmed with

a user-friendly layout in mind, and as a result of our quality control system, AccuSinter has impeccable performance compared to other competitors.


AccuSinter has been designed with a smaller chamber size for better heat distribution control.


Other attributes include:

  • Compact size provides a smaller footprint for valuable lab space:
  • 75 lbs / 11¾”(W) x 15 ¼”(D) x 23 ¾”(H)
  • Stainless steel construction with multiple internal fans & uniquely designed air holes to maintain a low exterior temperature.
  • High resolution 7” LCD monitor (touch screen).
  • Fully programmable and capable of creating custom cycles for different material needs.
  • Stackable, up to three sintering trays: three tray capacity allows an average of 75 units to sinter in each cycle.
  • Consistent zirconia color
  • Eliminate contamination build-up
  • USB port for program upgrades
  • 1600°C max temperature  |  25°C/min max ramp rate
  • Increases zirconia production speeds while decreasing costs


Receive Optimal

Results when Using

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