*Total Light Transmittance level: minimum 47% at 600 nm wavelength, PerkinElmer Lambda 35 UV/VIS Spectrometer, Evaluated with raw material (white color).

**3 point bending strength according to ISO 6872:2015. Evaluated with raw material (white color).

Pre-shaded Multi with Smart Incisal


  Multi Chroma and Blue Incisal Enhancer Features Incorporated Into One Disc

  Anterior Translucency* (STML)

  High Posterior Strength** (>1100 MPa)

Truly The Next Generation


Strongest Anterior (>1100 MPa)

Most Translucent Posterior (>47%)

Eliminates Graying on Lighter Shades

The Uniquely Universal Zirconia

B&D Dental Technologies offers a uniquely universal zirconia that delivers on the promise of beauty & strength.

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• Optimized microstructure provides higher translucency

• Significant flexural strength, in excess of 803 MPa

Anterior & Posterior, Full Contour

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• Premium quality with far less chipping than other brands

• Excellent aesthetics and 100% biocompatibility

Maximum Strength

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Zirconia Coloring System with custom liquid for enhanced incisal effect

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Fast Sintering, High Capacity


• Increases zirconia production speeds & decreases production costs

• Cost savings and environmental friendliness

• Compact, requiring less equipment space

• Consistent zirconia color

• Eliminate contamination build up

ORIGIN DuoTron Pro Fast Zirconia Sintering

Fast Sintering, Small Footprint


• Compact Design

• Fully Programmable & Capable of Creating Custom Cycles for Different Material Needs

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