Pre-shaded Multi with Smart Incisal


  Multi Chroma, Higher Translucency in the Incisal Area and Blue Incisal Enhancer Features Incorporated Into One Disc.

  Anterior Translucency* (48%, STML)

  Maximum Strength (>1200 MPa**)

*Total Light Transmittance level: minimum 48% at 600 nm wavelength, PerkinElmer Lambda 35 UV/VIS Spectrometer, Evaluated with raw material (white color).

**3 point bending strength according to ISO 6872:2015. Evaluated with raw material (white color).

**1100 MPa : up to 14 mm, 1200 MPa: over 16 mm


Patent No. US 10,426,583   US 10,463,457   US 10,238,473

US 9,649,179   US 9,668,837   US 8,936,848

“It would be impossible for me to achieve the high quality prosthetics I demand without Origin Beyond Plus Zirconia and Chroma Color Liquids! The color accuracy and consistency save me time and the materials are so easy to work with. I highly recommend the Origin products to my colleagues!”

Luke Kahng, President, LSK121

Multi Translucency, Multi Strength,

Multi Chroma Zirconia


Ultra Translucency on Incisal


High Strength at Cervical

(>1100 MPa)

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Patent No. US 10,426,583   US 10,463,457

US 10,238,473   US 9,649,179   US 8,936,848

Simple & Cost-Efficient

16 Pre-shaded Mono Zirconia

Aesthetic 4YS material This new generation 4YS based material offers better esthetic results (47% translucency) than conventional 3YS material.

Efficiency 16 pre-shaded mono zirconia discs that match VITA classic shades. It provides homogeneous color throughout the entire blank. No coloring or staining is needed. This glaze-and-go material provides consistent results with simple steps.

Cost-Efficient This aesthetic and consistent material offers simple and cost efficient processing without compromising restoration quality.

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Patent No. US 10,463,457

B&D Dental Technologies offers a uniquely universal zirconia that delivers on the promise of beauty & strength.

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Truly The Next Generation

High Performance Zirconia


Maximum Strength (>1250 MPa**)

Anterior Translucency (>48%)

Eliminates Graying on Lighter Shades

**1100 MPa : up to 14 mm, 1250 MPa: over 16 mm

Patent No. US 10,463,457

Your Choice for Strength & Aesthetics for Long Span Bridges

• High Translucent Full Contour (46%)

• Maximum Strength

(>1300 MPa)

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Replace Lithium Disilicate with the

Ideal Translucency & Strength of

Origin Beyond Zirconia

Patent No. US 10,463,457

Zirconia Coloring System with custom liquid for enhanced incisal effect

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