Custom Implant Abutment


• Custom Designed Abutments Using the Intelligence or 3Shape Scanner

• Precision and Cost Savings by Utilizing Titanium Blanks with Pre-milled Interface

• Compatible with Major Implant Systems

ORIGIN® Intelligence™

Custom Implant Abutments


The one-piece Intelligence™ Titanium Custom Implant Abutment is milled on the ORIGIN system in an average of 15 minutes at a per unit material cost of $45.00, including the final screw.


The patent pending production process makes quick work of abutment milling by processing Intelligence titanium blanks that have the pre-milled implant abutment interface. The Pre-milled interface portion of the Intelligence titanium blanks are fabricated on an industrial Swiss lathe in order to provide consistent and accurate results.


ORIGIN mill owners place the Pre-milled Intelligence blank from B&D Dental in the Intelligence blank holder where the top portion of the one-piece titanium abutment is milled. Before milling, the system employs a touch probe process to ensure alignment and accuracy. The touch probe calibration is accurate to 2 microns.


The Intelligence Scan Abutment Kit and accompanying software library used for the scanning of the model are compatible with both the Intelligence and 3Shape scan & design systems. The Intelligence Titanium Custom Implant Abutment system is a cost effective, accurate and efficient method for producing in-house titanium custom abutments.


Compatable with:


NobelReplace*: Available Sizes: NP, RP, WP, 6.0mm

Zimmer Screw-Vent*: Available Sizes: 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.7mm

NobelActive*: Available Sizes: NP, RP, WP

Straumann Bone Level*: Available Sizes: NC, RC

Biomet 3i Certain*: Available Sizes: 3.4mm, 4.1mm, 5.0mm,


Brånemark System RP*: Available Sizes: 4.1mm  |  800.255.2839