Shade Guaranteed When Used with the ORIGIN LIVE Zirconia System


  • Increases zirconia production speeds and decreases costs
  • Provides guaranteed shade results when using ORIGIN Multi-layered Live Zirconia and the ORIGIN Chroma™ Coloring System (16 + 29 shades) with the DuoTron oven.
  • Fast Zironia sintering

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Zirconia Advantages at a Glance

Zirconia is highly aesthetic


Zirconia is highly translucent especially when compared to traditional metal substructures and can be customized according to the 16 classic Vita shades. Zirconia restorations also solve the ‘black gum line’ problem inherent with traditional metal restorations which occurs when the gingiva recedes. These qualities of zirconia provide natural looking restorations which are indistinguishable from real teeth.


Zirconia is exceptionally strong


Often referred to as ‘white steel’, zirconia is just as strong if not stronger than metal restorations and has a high fracture resistance.


Zirconia is bio-compatible


The body accepts tissue friendly zirconia as a natural material which minimizes the potential for allergic reactions.


Zirconia is corrosion free


Zirconia does not corrode because it is “chemically inert”.


Zirconia has low thermal conductivity


Most metals have a high thermal conductivity causing patients to feel greater sensitivity to fluctuations of hot or cold in the mouth. Zirconia restorations have a low thermal conductivity which helps minimize this problem.