B&D Dental Technologies offers a uniquely universal zirconia that delivers on the promise of beauty and strength. Beyond Plus™ is more than a true replacement for lithium disilicate such as e.max. It is stronger with equal or better aesthetics.


Dentists no longer have to compromise strength for beauty.

Their choice has been simplified.

Labs benefit from a dense material that allows them to reproduce a sharp margin while still milling the 98mm zirconia disc easily (due to deliberate pre-sintering parameters).

The Perfect Culmination of Translucency & Strength,

Beyond Plus Zirconia is in a Class of It's Own.

The Uniquely Universal Zirconia - Truly The Next Generation


  Strongest Anterior (>1100 MPa)

  Most Translucent Posterior (>47%)

  Eliminates Graying on Lighter Shades

Translucency Comparison of

High Strength Zirconia

(> 1100 MPa)


"Beyond Plus is a game changer for the industry. You get the HT aesthetics with the strength for multiple unit bridges.  Finally we can make anterior as well as posterior bridges, with the strength needed."

Kirk Walsh, Excalibur Dental Lab

Translucency Comparison of High Strength Zirconia


"Previously, I found that high translucent zirconia was too low in value, but that is not the case with Beyond Plus and the liquids that are formulated for it."

George A. Thoupos, President, P. G. Dental Lab

Sintering Schedule of

High Translucent, High Strength Zirconia

(> 1100 MPa)


"Simplifies my production with ONE FAST sintering cycle for ALL zirconia restorations."

Kirk Redding, Creative Dental Laboratory

Comparison of High Strength Zirconia


"Beyond Plus is the best zirconia on the market. It looks as good as any anterior zirconia, better than e.max®, and is strong enough for large posterior bridges."

Jim Burke, JC'S Dental Designs LLC

Beauty & Strength

Comparison Charts