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 • New Aesthetics for Zirconia: Multi-layer & Ultra-translucent Anterior

 • Custom Abutment & Bar Milling with the Origin Haas OM2A

Fight Falling Crown Prices with the Origin® SmartCrownTM

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B&D Dental Technologies
World‘s Only Caries Inhibiting & Remineralizing Crown
SmartCrown ™ F- Ca2+
With Fluoride

Featured Product: The ORIGIN® Proteus 5x

Widest Material Choices & Application Material

ORIGIN NobleTITAN Dental Titanium ORIGIN NobleTITAN Dental Titanium

ORIGIN NobleTITAN Titanium

Most Versatile & Cost Efficient Production

Comprehensive System Evaluation and Training


Call us to schedule a system demonstration and receive hands-on training at our facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bring your own cases to scan, design, mill and sinter. Spend as much time as you need to thoroughly evaluate and test the ORIGIN CAD/CAM system.

Best of Class Components


Each stand-alone ORIGIN component (scanner, milling machine, sintering furnace, YZ zirconia & software) is among the best in its field. Each component has a proven track record of performance and dependability, allowing you to trust that your system will provide the exacting results that you demand.

Consulting on CAD/CAM Integration and Component Options


Contact B&D Dental to learn about the incomparable accuracy, time efficiency, and cost savings

ORIGIN Cobalt-Chromium